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That's like... so last year!

I have a confession...

It's one that may require me to turn in my "Nice Guy/Open Minded" card...

Thanks to spending too much time reading things on Figure Four Online about wrasslin', I discovered a Japanese wrasslin' promotion called "Hustle" which is just applied whackiness most of the time.

It was actually ONE "competitor" in Hustle that amused me... and here's where I'm going to catch flack...

Razor Ramon - Haado Gei or "Hard Gay" en Anglais...

Haado Gei

They usually just use "Razor Ramon HG" for his name.

Oh, of course, NOT to be confused with Scott Hall's original Razor Ramone...

Scott Hall - Not HG

The "character" is the product of Japanese comedian Sumitani Masaki (住谷正樹 )... His "gimmick" (what they call a wrestling persona) is that... well... he is beyond openly gay... he is completely "out there"...

He does a lot of "pelvic thrusting"... and is usually dressed in leather demi-bondage gear.

Okay, hate me... I find this highly amusing.

Razor Ramon HG

I know, I know... it's exploitative and a bad "stereotype" and all... but it's just so... um... well...

He's done a whackload of "comedic" appearances on Japanese television as well as wrasslin'... some of which can be found at YouTube... and, if you're not going to be thoroughly scandalized or incensed, have a look (by clicking here.)

Well, leave it to pro-wrasslin' AND comedy to blow away a great character...

Sumitani Masaki (or 住谷正樹 ) recently got married to a pretty young TV presenter... Anna Suzuki who is an ex-member of the Miniskirt Police...

Yes, breaking "kayfabe" (meaning to go against your gimmick or to show that "it's not real"...) Razor Ramon HG is... straight.

Boy, I tell you... next to learning that, yes, pro-wrestling match finishes are pre-determined (yes, it's true folks...) finding out the HG is indeed straight has been... well... sad. (Please note: This paragraph is indeed, sarcastic.)

I mean, as a Canadian, it would be like finding out that Scott Thompson from Kids in the Hall was straight and married and "Buddy Cole" was just a straight man making fun of gay men... and not a gay man making fun of gay men.

Scott Thompson

...wait a second, is that okay to laugh with/at?

Dangit! I need a playbook of "Things That Are Allowed To Amuse You Without Offending Others"...

Ah, t'heck with it...

Sorry, hard-core folks...

I have a reputation as being a pretty open minded fellow and fairly non-toxic in my views and whatnot... and y'know what... I find Buddy Cole and Razor Ramon HG amusing!

I'm Matthew Didier, and yes, I'm straight which also removes some of the grace I might have had from some to be amused by these things... and I really have no issues with folks of an alternative lifestyle...

...and yes, I admit it... I find certain "comedic stereotypes" kinda funny and understand that these "comedic performances" are a "voix de ville"... a "cartoon"... a silly, not-real, portrayal... but I find Razor Ramon HG funny.

Hate me if you must.

Anyway, it's funny because I was commenting about how I found "Hustle" and HG funny on a message board, and a rather bland response came from a "smart mark" (read: "smart fan") that "Hustle" and HG weren't too big in Japan anymore...

...apparently, it's all very "last year" there. (That's almost a verbatim quote...)

Okay, so now I find a stale, old, rotten stereotype, kayfabed, fake thing amusing.

Does this make me a "bad guy"?

...or a "HEEL"!!!

...or a "rudo" to those who are lucha libre fans.

I just hope Sue doesn't realise that I'm really watching "Hustle" for Newling-Sama!

Oops... was that typed outloud...? :)


Addendum: Sept. 24th, 2006: SCANDALIZED~!

In adding this post to my "most searched post list" on the blog, I visited the Hustle webpage... and the new poster for the next big show???

HG and Newling Sama


(...and dang, ain't their poster artist fantastic?)


What happens when you miss a bunch of shows!

Is this the end of HG??? Is he coming out of the closet (breaking kayfabe) as a straight man???


Click here for a commercial starring HG that's pretty cool... in an odd way.


New Hard Gay stuff... from the BBC of all folks!!!


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