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Interesting day in Downtown Toronto...

TD Centre in Toronto

In the course of the last two hours in and around the Toronto Dominion Centre, I've seen three things that... well... two of them are "one of a kind" things in my eyes...


The first thing is, as usual, they're filming some movie or TV show on the street nearby... this isn't too weird... but the two things that I admit, I was... amused?


The first one was a black Cadillac hearse... yes, a hearse... the kind you carry caskets in... except the top and rear were painted bright pink. (I don't have a camera... so no picture of it to show...)

Walking around the hearse was a bad Andy Warhol look-alike.


The whole thing is an advertising gimmick for an Art Gallery of Ontario showing of Warhol's work called "Andy Warhol / Supernova - Stars, Deaths and Disasters, 1962–1964"... still, to see a hearse parked in the courtyard with a bad Andy Warhol standing with it... it's something to see.

Well, while "admiring" this visage, a chuck-wagon drawn by two horses with two faux cowboys following and a few "settlers" walking along beside/behind them was next...

Wagon Train

Yup, holding up traffic, we had a quasi-reenactment of the Donner Party before the big hunger.

This, also, was an advertising gimmick... for "Deadwood" which is being run on The (Canadian) History Channel...

So, I had Andy Warhol and his pink hearse watching Wild Bill Etobicoke and his group of anachronistic settlers ride by...

...all of them holding up traffic and causing much issues for drivers... and much amusement to the rest of us.

WELCOME TO TORONTO! Maybe we do have stuff to see... even if it's only promotional advertising! :)

Perhaps, one day, we'll be the sight to behold in RLH 3!!! :)


...probably not...

How can an old double-decker possibly compete with Fake-Dead-Andy and Wagons, HO! going by?

...that, and believe it or not, there's already several buses running about doing tours...

This can be a REALLY weird town sometimes...


Fastest Addenda Ever! 13:18 EDT: I went to find out that the film is called "Angela's Eyes" if that helps anyone... and upon closer examination, with the fake-dead-Andy is a fake-dead-Marilyn Monroe... Yup, by the hearse is ALSO a "Marilyn Monroe" look-alike...


There's an outdoor small music stage set-up for the Summer in the courtyard and doing "his thing" today is... SILVER ELVIS!

An Elvis impersonator, painted silver, doing the "living statue" routine to Elvis tunes.

Think about this... The hearse and the fake-dead-folk... the chuck wagon and followers... the film... and statue Elvis ARE ALL MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE TO EACH OTHER and all occupying an area about the size of half a football field.

I love this town sometimes.


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Comment from: Robin [Visitor] ·
Ive lived in TO for 6 years and go to "the core" quite often and have seen some things as well. Nothing that good though!

Two funny experiences:
First trip to Toronto ever, Im sitting in the Commerce Court courtyard waiting for boyfriend/now hubby to get off work. He comes down and Im telling him what a great town it is and he tells me that I probably will never see the same person twice unless I work down there. Just then a woman walks by, waves to me, and says "Cya later, Robin" and I wave back and say "Have a good evening, Sandy"

Hubby was floored. Little did he know I had just seen Sandy at Starbucks and we chatted *grin*

Second silly thing:
I'm again in the courtyard, a couple of year ago I think, working media for GHRS. There's three giggly college girls filming me for a school project. I look up and there's a group of Japanese tourists flashing photos like there's no tomorrow (and Im some kind of star). Hysterical.

I love this town.
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