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Dream, dream, dream...


I recently got an e-mail from a close person to me... basically asking how I stayed (and stay) optimistic when things weren't (and may not be) so great. Basically, this person was going through what I term as a "general malaise"... in other words, a minor depression.

Well, yeah... I was unemployed for a VERY long time, and despite sending a minimum of three resumes out per day (Monday through Friday) and having no luck, I never gave up.

Also, we've all heard that most marriage troubles are related to financial woes, right? Most arguments are over money...? Well, we did stress, but my wife and I said "I love you!" to each other FAR more than we spoke of money... and the issues the unemployment brought.

In fact, during the real crisis times, we pulled together for support and peace... rather than turned away from each other. What affected her, affected me... and vice versa... and the most important thing was our kid.

Now, with the wolves TRULY at the door and many threats hanging over our heads, how did we manage?


We all dreamed... and allowed ourselves to do just that.

I dreamed of the bus... my wife dreamed of visiting England... my kid dreamed of owning a dog... and we all dreamed of a real house that we could own.

Dream House

Granted, we DID acknowledge that these were dreams... that they might not come true... but we still dreamed.

See, I think this is the problem.

As we age, we're told not to be "silly". We're told not to have stupid thoughts or ideas. To banish "unrealistic dreams"... That we must ALWAYS stay a "proper" course...

I mean, a poor, borderline starving family with major rent issues should NOT have a "husband" dreaming of owning a double-decker bus... and how DARE the wife dream of a long vacation to England... and owning a dog in an apartment when dinner plans were held to as close to five-dollars a night!?!


What FOOLS we were!

We wasted our LIVES with these foolish dreams!

Oh, and add insult to injury... WE ALL ADOPTED EACH OTHER'S DREAMS!!!

That's right, this poor family actually had the unmitigated gall to DREAM WITH EACH OTHER about these IMPOSSIBLE THINGS!!!

Well, guess what... I found work... and we have owned a WONDERFUL dog since Boxing day... and it's looking VERY good that money will be much better soon for us and remove those wolves from our door.

Sure, not enough for a house, our bus, or a long trip to England... yet... but we're moving in the right direction and will keep moving that way and working towards our dreams.

A house and the trip are things we have to work for... and can and will achieve these in the future through prudence and effort...

...but the bus, sadly, because of it's uncertain future has an expiration date... and that's why we have this site hoping for help.

You see, we have kooky (and not so kooky) dreams... and we express them... but we work towards what we need first... and we're willing to wait or find alternate avenues to what we would love to have.

...and even scarier, because of our attitude, we're happy just to be with each other.

...and I'm legitimately happy!

Everyday I wake up beside my beautiful wife, say good morning to my wonderful kid, pet my spectacular dog... I'm happy... and content... and everything else in this world is gravy.

...but it's gravy that we know tastes good... and we're willing to wait for that gravy... and in all honesty, if that gravy never comes, well... we're still contented and have a good life... and that will honestly do.

The way this site and it's endeavours are going, I may never save our bus... and if that happens, we will be sad... but we will NOT be defeated completely... nor will it take away from our own personal love of these things.

I'm okay if I have to go to my grave without all my dreams coming true... or even any of my dreams coming true.

I am happy that I have a great family... and we're well... and we've stuck together... and we were able to get my daughter her dog (who is hail and healthy!)... and hey, I have a ten-year old AND a wife who have not only ACCEPTED my kooky dream, but ACTUALLY SHARE IT... and help... and know how to make me happy when things look bleak.

My point?

If you want to be happy... realise where you are... what you "need" to have to be contented... then work towards that... and while doing it, dream. Dream of kooky things that will make you smile... and even though that dream may not come true in the here-and-now, just thinking of it WILL make you happy. Imagining your dream home... or your vacation... or your dream car... imagine... and yeah, you'll feel great.

Don't dwell on the "But it will never happen! My dreams are dust or too hard to get!" because they're not... they could come true at any moment... it might be when you're thirty... or eighty... or one-hundred... but it still could happen and why give up until, truly, you're breathing your last?

...and even IF that moment comes sooner than your dreams, you will still have those dreams... and to hell with being "diligent and focused and adult" all the time. Enjoy a fantasy! Enjoy a dream!

Will we get a house one day? Probably.

Will we get the bus? Perhaps... perhaps not... but we still tried and learned a LOT on the way! To be honest, I'm not at all sure, because without help, it's not likely...

And will we be happy regardless? To quote the great Stone Cold Steve Austin, "OH HELL YEAH!"

Stone Cold

You see, maybe the bus will get scrapped... maybe it will be sold to someone who carves it up... maybe a fire will hit the barn it's in and it will burn to the ground... I certainly hope not, but what if it did happen...


Sure, we all have "adopted" the bus... we all, in our own way, love the bus... but you know what, if we lose it... I'll still love my wife... I'll still love my kid... and they will still love me... and we'll all say, "Oh well, we tried!" which is a hell of a lot better than saying, "Damnit! We should have tried!"

So dream people... and share those dreams...

There's still a chance that someone reading this will help make ours come true... and with hard work, we'll make the other ones happen...

Welcome to our family's dream laid out on this website! I hope you and your's are dreaming too!


Addendum: 22:33pm EDT Got a "sarky" e-mail... not going to repeat it... about this post.

I will answer ONE thing though publicly...

YES, we would fly to England RIGHT NOW if we could. We have faith in the security measures in place and would not mind a bit!

Funny enough, we did talk about it though...

Anyway, I've said it before and I'll say it again... if you govern your life by worries and paranoia of the "worst case scenario" being played out always, then that too is being defeated... and we ain't.


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We (my wife, stepdaughter, and I,) used to "amuse" ourselves (read: Take our minds off our troubles) by more-or-less fantasizing as a family about what we'd do when things "turned around". Along this route, we discussed going to England on a vacation... and in that, alighted on "double-decker buses".

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For now, though, we are still hoping WE might be the ones to get our One Old Green Bus and see a family dream come true...

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