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Taking a segue on the Information Super-Highway without signalling - Curses!

Yes, this blog is about a family trying to get a bus... you can read information about that by clicking here (opens a new window) and we all would really appreciate it if you did... but for now, I must stray off topic...




For those new to the blog, both my wife and I are paranormal investigators and researchers... and with this "hobby" comes some rather... um... interesting things.

Many people, at one time or another, have been told about or even seen "haunted" or "cursed" things for sale on eBay... oddly enough, eBay allows this... although one has to truly wonder, what kind of "proof" or "authenticity" these things can have?

Usually, what these items (probably) are is simply junk... sold with an interesting story in hopes to make a few extra bucks from thrill seekers or wanna-be investigator/researchers.

What some people may not be aware of is the number of people that really ARE desperate to "get rid of" a cursed or haunted place or thing...

Okay, let me back up a little... and put in a caveat... Many thrill seekers and cheesey "ghost hunters" assume, incorrectly, that every abandoned house or building MUST be haunted... well, that's poppycock. Buildings are abandoned for many reasons... repairs too costly, owners moved and couldn't sell, owners sold land but new owner doesn't need building... there's many reasons. Yet, it never fails, that a "story" gets attached to these places... usually by teenagers trying to "spook up" the place for dares and drinking parties. 99 times out of 100, abandoned buildings are simply just abandoned... not haunted and not cursed.

That said...

We hear from people all the time trying to lose ownership of everything from clothing to jewelry to yes, even homes because there's "something wrong" with it.

Now, there are a a few ways you can deal with these sort of things...

One is to "clear" or "cleanse" it either by yourself or with assistance. Our only thought with this is DON'T OPEN YOUR WALLET. If you get help, there are many reputable sources that will work just to help folks. Also, if getting help from your church, don't ask for an exorcism, ask for a blessing... Exorcisms can be difficult to have happen, but blessings are easy to get.

If you want more information on this, click here (opens a new window).

Second is to "ignore" things.

In all honesty, this is probably best. Chances are, if you only experienced a "short-term" situation or the like, it's probably just a touch of weirdness that will pass.

Last is actually "get rid of" whatever "it" is.

Now, if you're trying to make a buck, good luck... "cursed" and "haunted" items on eBay are no longer hot items... and although people are interested in (what are called) stigmatized properties, it's because they're hoping to get a bargain.

Realistically, unless you're 120% sure something is "cursed" or "haunted" and you can't think of anything you're willing to do to help... or have tried and feel you've failed to the point of giving up... or aren't willing to even try... don't "give up" on things.

Of course, if you are hell bent on throwing away a house or jewellery, you can send it to us!

We reserve, of course, the right to do with it as we please after we examine it! :)

Seriously, please keep your cash in your wallet and DON'T give away things because you're worried about a ghost or curse... there are people who can help FOR FREE and you'll probably be glad you didn't toss it.


The usual last note on the old blog... PLEASE SUPPORT THE DREAM!

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Please help us make this dream a reality and save a piece of history! entire family would thank you!


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One Old Green Bus

Allow me to start with we do not own nor are we selling a bus. Just had to get that out...

This blog was started in April of 2006... during a very bad time for me and my family when money was very tight and life was very hard.

We maintained a happier outlook on life by fantasizing... talking about what we would do when times were better... and as Sue and myself are Anglophiles, England factored greatly into our "plans".

During these bad times, while looking at news items which, at the time included items about London removing their venerable old Routemasters, I came across one photo of an old green bus... and somehow, my whole family adopted it. It became very much "our bus". (Details about "our bus" are available by clicking here.)

Like most of you, I'd heard about the fellow who'd made a million dollars selling tiny ads online... and the fellow who did trades and turned a paper clip into a house... so I thought, since we couldn't make our bus actually into "our bus" (well beyond our means,) I'd try an "online" appeal... to make the focused item of our hopes into a tangible thing in our lives...

More specifically, in a burst of adult/juvenile optimism, I had hoped to show the youngest member of the family, who at the time was still very youthful and impressionable, that dreams really could become reality if you hope and, more importantly, try.

Well, I'm pretty sure you figured it out... we had limited succes in this venture... and the youngest has now reached an age where she is more traditionally "teenaged" cynical than much else about the world, which isn't a dreadful thing... but there's a "good news" portion to this... our personal situation with money is better, life has improved, and some people really liked my rambling here... so, I decided to keep things going... Yes, I will "give up" on asking for help on a bus... and have to give up on even trying as hard to get the bus through online means... and yes, be far more realistic... but I don't mind this "turn" of things as I actually enjoy venting, trying my hand at humour, and generally keeping on online presence outside my usual things.

Thanks to those who were/are "Busly Dream" enthusiasts... I suppose that our buses for now will be single-deck with the letters "TTC" emblazoned on them... but this blog will live as does our dream! (It's just a little quieter on that latter bit...)

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