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Ecology and the double-decker bus...

As a rule, diesel powered buses built in 1950 are not the most ecological vehicles. I know that's hard to believe, but it's true.

Granted, a friend of mine at work who is proudly "green" pointed out that it's not like I'd be using RLH 3 (if we succeed) every day... and that as a rule, he'd rather see more buses (normal transit types) than cars on the road... with two exceptions... Electric and hybrid.

After the blistering heat we suffered, the idea of cutting down on exhaust and emissions from cars et al has been an oft talked about in the news... and personally, I'm all for it... I'd like to think that in my older age and for my kids, it'll be a cleaner planet... and in that vein, I'm hoping that hybrids become more reasonable and electric vehicles become more... well, more viable to the "motoring" community.


I was reading on the BBC website about the General Motors EV1 which had a top speed of about 80 MPH and go 0 to 60 in under 8 seconds... and was a decent sized vehicle. The Ford Think was another... although more of a "compact". These cars (amongst other's) are off the mass production drawing board.

Ford Think

Funny, if you visit the BBC link above, you'll see all kinds of excuses as to why people won't buy electric cars... one fellow blamed the small tax break as to his reason. Hmmm... "Only saving thirty-five pounds (the amount of tax credit given to those in Britain with hybrids and electric vehicles... about $70 US...) and the petrol costs just aren't worth it... but I'm all for these cars!"

It reminds me of when they ask commuters if they'd like "better mass transit" in a city... of course everyone says "YES!"... the drivers say it because they believe that if there's better mass transit, there'll be less cars on the road WHICH WILL FREE IT UP FOR THEM. (Think about this drivers... what do you think the other drivers are thinking when they're asked? Yup, they'll still be on the road too!)


Of course, hybrids are catching on... a mix of electric and petrol... but they're still a touch pricey... and one other more important thing.

Many drivers aren't willing (as a rule) to touch them anyway.

They feel that the cars "don't have enough power" or will "not maintain a charge long enough for (my) purposes."

What's weird is who I've heard these "reasons" from... people who, as a rule, tend to drive to the corner store. They tend to drive to work (maybe an hour each way... max.)

It's weird... I have to think that it's almost a... well... "penis" thing.

"I can't drive THAT! It's not BIG and POWERFULL and EXPENSIVE enough for me!"

Why not? Really... Why not?

Personally, should we get the bus, yes, it will be used for those "longer" day trips... with the whole family or friends... and for "toodling about" and whatnot, I'd LOVE a hybrid... heck, I'm a fan of the "fuel conscious "Smart Car"!

Smart Car

US President Bush was evoking "hydrogen" cars and "alternative fuels" not too long ago... yeah, a weird thing for a man who's political stripe doesn't allow for the thought of "global warming" and who's family are mega-wealthy through oil (this is NOT a political rant, promise!)... haven't we already been there? I'd say education and a public willingness to "switch" from unleaded to AC/DC is what's really needed.

Who knows... If I can do it without messing up future complete restoration, I'd LOVE a "hybrid" bus!

Hybrid RLH

...granted, this is not very practical on a few levels... and, as my "green" friend pointed out, I'm not going to be driving RLH 3 to my office and back.

So for now (well, when money's a little better for us,) a small fuel efficient car will be dandy... or if they're down in price, a hybrid.

...and oddly enough, I'm 100% sure my "manhood" will not be in doubt should we get one. :)

Oh, and before I get any semi-hate mail, we do live in a city and in a very urbanized area... so these options are good for us and may not be for everyone... but you'd be amazed how many people in this city drive huge honkin' SUVs for "in-the-city-runs" only...

...and with gas priced so high right now, you gotta wonder why?


Quick note for wrasslin' fans... Thanks to F4WOnline, Jeff Hardy has signed a contract with the WWE which means, yes, at some point, you'll see The Hardy Boys back in action.

Hardy Boys

I doubt you'll see a "Wrestlemania X7 TLC" match from them now, but it's good to see a possible "rebuilding" of the tag division.


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