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So, there I was, expecting to do a lighthearted post and work in the bus somehow...

Bomb Equipment

...but it is not to be...

Being a Torontonian, it's difficult to not be affected by the arrests of seventeen suspected terrorists who, they say, were planning attacks in my province.

These were not true "Al Qaeda" folks, I don't believe... but people SPURRED by Al Qaeda.

I suspected this was "our" real threat... not someone from Afghanistan or Iran... but some poor schlep from Canada... possibly born and bred... who decides that "he" (or "she") feels for the cause and...

Well, three tonnes of ammonium nitrate... this is not over-zealous farmers... this is three times what Timothy McVeigh used.

I have NEVER been one to say, "It can't happen here!"... and I still support our troops in Afghanistan as I was not thrilled with the Taliban years before 9/11... but I have always said that "we" must be vigilant, but not paranoid... live our lives and be as free as we can be.

I still believe that... but damn.

What were their targets? We don't know "officially" yet (aside from it not being the Toronto Transit Commission... but why bomb that when it's chaos and stupidity without any violence...

Likely, it was tourist, governmental, and "landmark" sites.


People are already screaming about "which political slant this will take" and how the "left" will say that these men should go free and be hugged... and how the "right" will close the borders and suppress our freedoms... How the American's will blame the Canadians for "harbouring" terror cells and how "we" (Canadians) will now be sullied by the terror in our midst.

Realistically, who cares... "Political slant" or "spin" are not my main concern... what and why and what will prevent it in the future... that's what's going through my mind... What will keep my wife and kid safe without having to live in a "security state"?

Here's a thought... these weenies they arrested have been being watched since 2004... this actually makes me feel better. I want to know that those who threaten my family and friends ARE being monitored.

Are these men innocent? Sadly, I don't think so... Three tonnes of potential explosives, detonators, "war game" videos of themselves, communications with "known" extremists... nope, I think they were the real deal.

Sure, they may be in part some "troubled people" who have, for whatever reason, decided that the correct response to what they see as injustice is to kill more innocent civilians... and chances are, those same people who are so willing to take lives in the city still shop for good deals on electronics for their suburban homes... and they have adopted a stupid method to a possibly legitimate cause.

So, now what?

What happens to Toronto now?

Honestly, I hope nothing... except a little more vigilance and an acknowledgement that yes, it COULD happen here... and we should be aware, but not "bothered" to the point of being paranoid.

What can I say... except "Damn".

Toronto's a pretty great city... it has it's warts, but overall, it's a good town... and I sincerely hope no idiots crap in their own nest for a cause that has better ways to "fight for it" available... and decide to kill innocent people and ruin a peaceful, diverse, accepting city.

...but now I wonder... will my stepling's kids see the same skyline I do?


I certainly hope so.

I hope that the thought of how an "eye for an eye" that many of these terrorists see as "reasonable" justification for their actions is seen for what it is... an "eye for an eye" leaves one blind.

I want my kid and family to be safe.

...and this news DOES frighten me a little.

But I'll be DAMNED if I let this news alter my life... nope. I'm not beaten before I've even been in the fight... and I still DO trust in my security...

Perhaps we'll pray a little more... but beyond that, life WILL go on.

"I've been blown up by a better class of bastard than this!" - Attributed to a newspaper seller on Canary Warf in London during the IRA bombings (comparing them to "The Blitz" in WWII)...

Toronto's a good town. Ontario is a peaceful province. Canada is a great country.

I wish I could be a little delusional and go into a bubble and say to myself the mantra of "It can't happen here..." but... I know better... and so does everyone else here, I think.


We are in a war... to paraphrase Queen Rania of Jordan... this is NOT a war between the "East" and the "West"... not "Christians" vs. "Muslims"... not "Arabs" vs. "Jews"... it's about "Extremists" vs. "Moderates"...

...and the extremists must not win ON EITHER SIDE.

Tolerance MUST win to preserve true freedom for all humankind.

Is Toronto in danger? I hate to say it, but yes... then again, so is every major and minor city in the world...

Should "we" all be worried and scared... I say a tentative "No."

We should watch... and be careful... and hope for a peaceful life...

...but overall, what are my own thoughts on this recent event and arrests?

One word...


Addendum: June 4th, 2006 The radio is reporting that the targets were not "soft targets" (like the CN Tower and whatnot) but government buildings and police buildings... Still...

Addendum: June 5th, 2006 The Globe and Mail is saying no, although government targets were mentioned, some "soft targets" were also named... so who knows. I guess we will in about three or four years.

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